Tips for Driving Safely during the Winter Months

While most people feel excited about the first snowfall of the year, the unfortunate truth is that it has a few dangers connected with it. One of these dangers is the fact that more accidents happen right after the first snowfall than after subsequent snowfalls of the winter months. Here are some tips to help you drive safe this winter.

You need to have the mentality that everything is going to take longer when you drive in the snow or on icy roads. It takes longer to stop, it takes longer to accelerate, and commuting to work takes longer. Be patient when weather conditions are not ideal. Give yourself extra time when traveling from one place to another.

Keep in mind that coming to a stop will take longer than it takes when driving during good weather conditions. Instead of following the two second rule, follow the five second. This means that you will give yourself at least five seconds before coming up on a particular vehicle, traffic direction signs, or anything else that may be in front of you. Drive slowly. Slamming on your brakes may lead to your vehicle slipping and sliding on the road, which means that you will lose control of it and potentially cause an accident.

If you do not need to go out when the weather is bad, stay home. Enjoy watching the first snowfall from the warmth of your home. If you absolutely must go out, make sure you know what to do in case you are stranded. Have an emergency kit in your car. If the unlikely event happens of being stranded, do not leave your vehicle. It is more dangerous to go out and look for help during a winter storm than it is to stay in the vehicle. Tie a bright colored cloth to your vehicle in order to attract attention from passersby. If you have to drive, make sure that your cell phone is charged and that others know where you are going and when you will arrive.

Using extra caution during the winter months will help you get safely from point A to point B.