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Timing Belt PulleyNowadays we replace the timing belt and accessories on Lexus RX300 with 1MZ-FE engine. When it is, it is frequently replaced not due to the fact it has to come out anyway (cannot consider of any that do actually), or due to the fact it really is practical to do it then (which it is), but since the water pump going out can break the timing belt. Some are relatively swift and straightforward – SOHC I-4s with out the silent shafts can be as tiny as $150.00 for the timing belt, and about the exact same for the water pump.Timing Belt Pulley

I am a bit you have also make these modifications or is just changing the timing belt alone enough?What other items to modify when changing timing belt?It really is the water pump that you imply not the fuel you have plenty of income alter the lot but i would never ever throw very good parts away for the sake of what if.Would you modify your brake shoes if they had been only half worn, just in case.

Despite the fact that it’s really essential, it really is not almost as costly either, generally a few hundred $. The very good news is the water pump is not driven by the timing belt on this engine. For instance an 80 tooth pulley would have an 8” outdoors diameter (80 teeth / 10) or a 33 tooth pulley would have a 3.3” outdoors diameter (33 teeth / 10). Either way, the timing belt is going to price you as you have to take apart the front dress on the engine to get to it. most replace the water pump whilst in there as effectively for very good measure. The water pump shouldnt be significantly added (one hundred?)since they are already doing the timing belt.

Timing belt pulleys are offered with or with out inserts, metal hubs, set screw or our superior Fairloc® design Nevertheless, there are some applications where the regular design does not meet all expectations. The funds you happen to be saving doing the belt oneself is worth the investment!How to alter a timing belt on a 99 mercury cougar?i would not suggest a step by step instruction for something like a timing belt job. Nonetheless, how extended does the timing belt final, what if i waith an additional 60,000 miles?Ought to I alter my timing belt and water pump?You did not say what kind of auto you have. What was your experiense with timing belt modify for Subaru Impreza?For Subarus, the maintenance schedule recommends replacing the timing belt at 105,000 miles. Changing the water pump is a very good idea if the water pump is driven by the the timing belt.

Labor smart i could see $500…. have them break down the price and shop about… you can also locate shops that specialize in hondas and use honda components but the labor must expense much less than at the dealer….New York City Honda Dealer Says $900 to adjust timing belt?I am not certain what this would expense in New York, but I also have a 1990 Honda-I live in the midwest, but when I had our timing belt changed, it only price about $200 max.Timing Belt Pulley