The Future Is Now For The Newest In Driving Technology

It was not that long ago that consumers were wondering when we would see flying cars and robots handling everything from the mail to parking duties. It all seemed like science fiction, but now many of those futuristic devices are reality. As technology continues to surge forward, the way people drive is constantly changing.

Self-Driving Cars

The days of joking about cars that drive themselves are over because the technology is now available to drivers. As of 2017, self-driving car technology is still in its infant stages and is constantly being refined. But the goal is to have cars that can safely drive themselves in any type of situation and take the human hands off the steering wheel. The older generations might shy away from self-driving cars, but it is expected that the younger generation will welcome the technology with open arms.

Parking Services

If you noticed the new robotic parking system at your local airport, then you are seeing the implementation of another new set of technologies designed to change the way we drive. Conveyor belt driven systems that take your car into an environmentally-controlled parking area are going to be the norm all over the world in the very near future.

Automated Shuttles

There have been plenty of movies made that feature shuttle and taxi services that have no human drivers at all. It seemed like a fairy tale just a few years ago, but some major airports in the United States are already experimenting with driverless shuttles that run from hotels and other public places to airport terminals. New York City is one place where major ridesharing companies are already trying out driverless shuttles that deliver people from their hotel’s front lobby to their airport terminal.

Electric Cars

For a long time now, drivers have been dreaming about cars that are fueled only by electricity and end our reliance on fossil fuels. As the need for alternative energy sources grows, the demand for electric cars is growing as well. The modern electric cars can accelerate just like a gas-based vehicle, and they can go for almost 200 miles on a single charge. It won’t be long before the weekly stop at the gas station is a thing of the past.

Flying cars are still a ways off, but vehicle technology has been surging forward in other areas. The future looks exciting for the way we get around, and there is no telling what kinds of amazing technologies we will be talking about next.