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ecu remappingAll modern day vehicles and vans on the road right now have an ECU(ENGINE Handle UNIT). It requires someone with the right full instruction and modern gear designed to do ECU remapping workout. Our talented group understands that no two engines are the same, and as component of our service, we connect each automobile to our advanced chassis Dyno to test efficiency ahead of and right after remapping. The vehicle producers do not usually tailor make their ECU settings at sports efficiency level. Also due to the fact for instance on a VW GOLF” it is sent from factory with a ECU file that is detuned as theses cars are sent all over the world obtaining to cope with counties at -25 to countries at +45.

We assure our tuning remaps for life and with a income back guarantee you can be confident that our mobile ECU remapping service is the greatest accessible. The expense that is involved in starting the car will be larger than the headline expense of these tools. When you place your foot down, the ECU decides how considerably fuel and air to mix, squirt into the cylinder and ignite.ecu remapping

We adjust the calibration of your ECU to enhance drivability, efficiency, energy output, torque and fuel economy of all kinds of petrol and diesel engines. Viezu has been driving for perfection in the science of auto tuning and remap computer software with out compromise for many years. C R Allen & Sons perfrom ECU remapping in Sussex, whereby we rewrite the software program on your engine’s ECU to provide amazing final results. Remapping these can lead to big functionality gains as the increase from the turbo can be enhanced.

This is why when we REMAP your ECU we fine tune the parameters on the ECU to unleash your automobiles, vans or trucks true possible in less than 2 hours. ECU upgrade is obtainable in octane-particular variations and is conveniently flashed to the vehicle’s factory ECU via the OBD-II port with no any physical modification to the factory ECU. This stops your automobile from performing at its very best levels, the very best way to alter this and get your auto operating at its best for our climate is with ECU remapping.

BDM or Back Door Module tuning is the procedure of connecting directly to the circuit board of an ECU, employing a specially engineered jig to hold the ECU in place although information pins are connected to the circuitry. With after industry performance chips this problem is not cured, as yet once again, these chips, created more for efficiency than fuel economy, are intended to match in any ECU of any distinct model.