Maaco Paint Rates

Maaco paint rates can variety from a couple hundred dollars to virtually a thousand dollars. This usually involves the highest high quality automotive paint (some of which can price hundreds of dollars a quart) sanding the vehicle down to bare metal, removing any dents, and applying 20-24 layers of paint, which includes six to eight applications of clear coat and high-end options such as information by an air brush artist or a two-tone metallic paint job.

If your surface has a lot of scratches and dents a significantly less than completely smooth paint texture is actually preferred otherwise if the paint is smooth and shiny- you will see every scratch and dent in the surface, so in the instances of vehicles with lots of scratches, it is best to mist the paint slightly by placing on lighter coats that never self-level so a lot.

After you spray the very first coat of primer, you will require to wait 15 to 20 minute ahead of you can spray the next and so on, the way I like to do this is to give the body function locations a coat or two 1st to develop them up. The whole explanation we use primer is is to give the paint a smooth surface to stick to and give the metal some protection from the elements, it’s typically a good concept to get 4 or five great coats on the automobile.

Now that we have that out of the way, before yo mask the vehicle you must wash it, and then blow it off with compressed air to eliminate the excess water, the automobile can not be clean adequate before you do this step, now before I clarify to you the process of cutting and buffing, I’m going to explain the draw backs of cutting and buffing the vehicle, the reasons why a lot of people never like to do it.

Following the car has been masked it’s time to get ready to spray the primer, after once more make certain that you have cleaned your surroundings, it’s best to have some water on the floor to maintain the dust down, after you are confident that the area is clean then you can commence checking the spray guns to be sure that they are clean.