How to Protect VIN Information

After a VIN tag replacement is placed on an automobile, certain steps must be followed to protect the sticker effectively. Although all vehicles are designed differently, specific strategies can provide big benefits during various situations.

Manage a Pet’s Habits

If a pet usually travels in the vehicle, consider trimming the animal’s claws so that damage won’t occur when the pet jumps into the automobile. Most animals will try to use various areas of a car for support while trying to leap into an automobile. If the pointy edges of each claw glide along a VIN tag during this process, the information on the tag may be tough to inspect.

Consider the Weather

Typical weather conditions can ruin a VIN tag if a car isn’t properly prepped before harsh environmental elements develop. For example, when an ice storm impacts a neighborhood, the icy elements that build up on a vehicle can affect the adhesive on the VIN tag. Rain, however, can ruin a VIN sticker in a different way by soaking the material where the automotive information is found. In order to avoid these environment problems and other dramatic weather issues, a proper sealer should be used along the edges of the seems where a VIN tag will be placed.

Implement Strategic Car Wash Procedures

Whenever a car with a fresh VIN sticker needs to be washed, specific portions of the vehicle should be cleansed strategically so that water won’t access the general area around the adhesive coating. While washing the surfaces around the sticker, use a brush that can easily remove dirt and grime that builds up in various nooks and crannies. Then, after all of the debris is removed, rinse off the soapy water with a gentle spray nozzle.

Mold could grow along the seams in an automobile after typical car wash procedures have been implemented. However, by air drying the surfaces quickly, mold won’t begin to generate on the housing in the automobile.

These strategies can keep a VIN tag protected after it’s placed on an automobile. If some other situation leads to a damaged VIN tag, the process of getting a replacement is simple.