How to Hire the Right Moving Company in Preparation for Your Big Move

When you have a big move coming up, you want to make it as smooth and stress-free as possible. However, most people bypass the best moving companies in their area because they want something quick and efficient. Which means they go with the first moving company they see—when really, they should be doing a bit more research to pick the right moving company for their specific needs.

This article gives you a rundown on how to research and hire the right moving company for your big move, from prep and pack-ups, to furniture arrangement when you get there.

Do Your Research to Find the Perfect Moving Company

Look through the Yellow Pages, go online to search engines, and ask around town to find moving companies that fit your criteria. Do customers seem to like them? Are their services what you have been looking for? Are the prices right? Keep a list of your specifications, then treat it like a checklist for your research on good moving companies.

Narrow Your List Down to Three Possible Moving Companies and Make Calls for Interviews and Consultations

Pick the three moving companies that you like the best from your list of criteria. Then pick a day where you can sit down and focus on giving these companies a call for interviews, or maybe one-on-one consultations. Ask the important questions about rates, what to expect, and time constraints.

Pick a Reliable, Reputable Company with Excellent, Polite, Friendly Customer Relations

When you phone your favorite moving companies, be attentive to how they answer your questions. Companies that lead with exasperation need to be avoided. Reliable, reputable moving companies are appreciative of their customers, both prospective and long-term, so their replies should be friendly, polite, and thorough.

Opt for a Company that Offers Both Packers and Movers

When you find a great moving company, make sure they offer a package of both packers and movers. Why? Because professional packers come with their own supplies; ergo, you can save time and energy by allowing someone else to box up and duct tape your belongings.

Note: To make your driveway safer for moving trucks, do a search for where to buy safety cones. Place them in the designated spot where you’d like your movers and packers to park.