Essentials to Keep in Your Vehicle for Emergencies

No matter what part of the country you live in, you should have a few things that you keep in your vehicle in the event of an emergency. Vehicles do break down and at some point, you may find yourself stranded. Of course, you can depend on your cell phone to call for help. However, you may be in an area that has no service, or you might forget to charge your phone. It never hurts to be prepared in case you can’t get help right away.

First Aid Supplies

An assortment of first aid supplies is always a good thing to keep in your car. This can include band-aids, gauze pads, peroxide, an instant cold pack, antibiotic cream, something for pain relief, and hand sanitizer. Along with the first aid supplies, you should always keep a blanket in your vehicle. This could keep you warm if you do end up spending the night in your car.

A disposable poncho can come in handy if you need to get out and change a tire in the rain. Some items may need to be kept in the trunk or behind a seat if you have a truck. Others can be packed into a compact truck tool box, such as the ones available at Stor-All.

Other Essentials

Jumper cables can be beneficial if your battery fails. A jug of water will serve two purposes. It can be used to put in the radiator if your car overheats or you might need to drink it to stay hydrated if you have to wait on help for a long time. For this same reason, you may want to make sure you always carry a few snacks.

Flares or some other type of emergency signal is also helpful to let others know your car is broke down. A flashlight is something else that is essential in an emergency at night. These are a few of the basics, but there are probably more things you can think of that would be helpful if you find yourself in this situation.