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ecu remappingECU remapping is a method of fine tuning a vehicle’s engine management technique (ECU) by way of tweaking of the software controlling it. Most cars these days have engines that are primarily pc controlled and their engines have sensors to monitor products like the throttle, crank, airflow and other components. Have expertise with a Pete box for the swift diesel owned by a collegue-cost in 2006 was 30K(now its decreased to 28K)-its a piggy back system and not a remap as such-right here i guess the price can be justified as the ECU is supplied as hardware-but for computer software remaps-i guess the low demands take the prices sky high. For Turbo diesel engines, remapping the ECU will outcome in 25-50% improve in energy (bhp) and 50-75% enhance in torque all through the rev range.

Viezu are a single of the world’s leading automobile tuning and ecu remapping providers, this sounds like a huge claim, we don’t make it lightly even though. Some makers offer the exact same engine in different models with varying levels of power, and this is done by de-tuning the engine with a distinct ECU map. We are element of a European primarily based team of Highly qualified engine remap specialist whom deliver the best top quality warranted ECU remaps accessible! All this information in your ECU calibration file is carefully optimised to our exacting requirements and then programmed back into your ECU.

Our skilled technicians use the latest specialist gear to optimise the map stored on your car’s ECU chip that controls the ignition timing, fuelling and turbo boost. Based on the automobile and ECU sort the chip tuning approach can take below an hour and if at any time you want to return your cars ECU to its original default settings, this can be carried out simply and cost-free of charge as we usually keep a copy of the original software program as a backup. Remapping or Chipping can assist your vehicle acquire more efficiency and MPG while maintaining the automobile hunting aesthetically the identical.ecu remapping

Utilising this we can make confident your vehicle is set-up to take benefit of the significantly higher high quality fuel you’re putting in your automobile compared to what the ECU is expecting. Our expert ECU remapping service is priced from £150.00 and we will price tag match and even beat any like for like quote, we also supply a cash back satisfaction guarantee.

We have partnered with a single of the world’s most respected tuning organizations – Quantum Tuning – to bring you a market major, fully customised product and since we know our buyers are busy men and women we can deliver our service from our workshop in Cradley Heath, or at your property/perform with our mobile ECU Remapping service.