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ecu remappingECU Re-Mapping possibly sounds unbelievably complicated and whilst it is an very advanced technology, it is not a new factor any longer and as we move forward, remapping evolves more than ever just before and take hudge part in all automotive market and motor racing. If you are running a little NA engine, then remapping may increase the drivability and give you a modest efficiency increase, but you are going to have to weigh up the price and consider about regardless of whether a little boost in overall performance will be worth the funds. It is extensively recognised that the only way you can get the absolute optimum overall performance from any engine is to have the ECU completely remapped for that particular engine.

These days optimising the Engine Handle Unit is a fairly straightforward procedure, and for most automobiles the ‘map’ stored on the car’s ECU processor can be found via the car’s on-board diagnostics port (OBD). Our aim is to satisfy all of our consumers tuning wants, and offer a lifetime assure on the tuning software. The final results of the ECU tuning vary according to the engines on which you performed the remapping. He is not likely to know about little remapping alterations made in between these two years.

Ahead of EEPROM chips became the norm in ECU technologies, tuners were forced to take away the study only chip and replace it with a chip already loaded with a tuned map, this is where the name ‘chipping’ originated from. Early vehicle Tuning involved replacing the ECU Chip with one more one, remapped specially for the car. Even so, there are several other techniques offered that allow us to access the EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) chip inside the ECU which includes the all-important map. Our GREEN ECU Remapping Service is focussed on achieving the greatest fuel savings possible.ecu remapping

Auto Remapping, Engine re-mapping, ECU Tuning or chipping are all phrases you may of heard of when referring to altering the Engine Handle Unit of a vehicle to get much more efficiency and miles per gallon (MPG) from your vehicle. Chiptuners Automotive The Chip Tuning Specialists is pleased to present the ultimate engine control unit (ECU) upgrade for the higher output two.0T Mk7 Golf R and New Audi S3 Engines!

Even then, it is greatest to tread carefully, and chip tuning (where you take the ECU out and reprogram it manually) typically gives a much better selection. By replacing this map with a tuned map or editing the original map, we are capable to enhance the performance, driveability and efficiency of an engine, this processes is known as remapping. As time went on remapping the car’s ECU chip directly has turn into the ideal way to remap a car. We are so confident in our ECU Remaps that we also offer you with a Cost-free 12 month Engine & breakdown warranty with Each ECU Remap. An alternative to altering the code inside the ECU is the fitment of a Tunit box.