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Timing Belt PulleyPrior to changing the timing belt the suggested time recommended by the manufacturer ought to be followed. If you are going to replace the timing belt its a very good idea to replace the water pump at the exact same time they are positioned subsequent to every single other and on some models the timing belt runs the pumpShould I modify my timing belt and water pump?They advocate replacing TIMING (in the motor) belts each 120000. If the old belt didnt actually break and you just adjustments it for upkeep then you have not got the belt on appropriately or you have left anything unplugged in the course of re-assembly (although I cant think about what). It will generally cost far more at a dealer for a timing belt replacement than at a neighborhood mechanic, assuming you have a neighborhood mechanic that you trust for such perform. If you have a %26quotfreewheeling %26quot engine, even if the belt breaks, it will just strand you, it wont damage the engine.

Thanks!Do you truly require to modify the water pump when changing the timing belt?I’m not certain what the prior responder meant by suitable maintenance on a water pump and gasket. When I replace a timing belt, I nearly always replace the water pump and I verify cautiously if any rollers or tensioning components look questionable. For that reason, never be shocked if there is a list of other items that the mechanic recommends for replacement.Timing Belt Pulley

I do not have the manual on hand, but I would recommend checking your manual to see what the actual schedule for changing the timing belt is. You’ve only put on 40,000 miles, seems fairly low mileage. I have changed timing belts ahead of in the past but not on the 300TDI Land Rover Discovery. How do I know when to change my timing belt?to inform you the truth you ought to replace it each and every 90,000 miles. If they appear excellent, overlook about it. but for 400 bucks, u can err on the side of York City Honda Dealer Says $900 to change timing belt?the mileage does not add up to changing a timing belt i am assuming that you meant 100k then 150k. And I never think you have to take off the valve else to alter when altering timing belt?Crank and cam seals. And considering that you have to take away the valve cover to get rid of the timing cover, the valve cover gaskets.

ThanksHow a lot does it cost to adjust a Timing Belt?A excellent garage won’t fit a belt you supply yourself, as they can’t assure its top quality. Thank you for your parts need to i alter in order to fully do a timing belt modify on an ’01 mitsubishi galant?Replace the balance shaft belt and timing belt, verify the water pump weep hole for coolant leakage since if you have it that far down it would be simpler to replace. Also will warp heads in engine and they say they can fix that but I guarantee it will in no way drive the very same is the Timing Belt modify due for 96 Toyota Camry 4 Cylinder Car?You need to be about due, you could likelihood it and just hold driving, I’ve heard of automobiles going for 150,000 mi. on the original belt. You are going to also want to replace the water pump, the oil pump, timing belt tensioner, and idler pulleys whilst you happen to be in there.Timing Belt Pulley

I changed the timing belt when when it was 58, significantly does it price to alter timing belt?I am not an expert on this automobile but you normally need to replace timing belts each 60,000 miles, so you are just coming due. Also vtec filter/ else to change when changing timing belt?That should do it. I hope you are prepared to deal with the inhumanly tight crankshaft bolt. I would count on a dealer to charge $500-750 for a timing belt replacement and a neighborhood mechanic to charge $350-500.