Car Paint For Touch

car paintFrom fixing brand new Toyota paint, to restoring the car paint on a vintage 1950s Chevy, we’ve got the car paint colors you want. Had my 99 Camaro completely re-painted from top to bottom from dark indigo blue to blood red by a local shop..i knew going in it was gonna be pricy and when he told me six,000.00 I was not shocked..but his shop does remarkable work and for wonderful operate you gotta spend a amazing price..from the time I dropped it off to the time I picked it up was 3 months..but if you seen my Camaro now you would faint…it is HOT!!!!!

When your sanding your paint with the 1000 grit paper, your hunting for the complete surface of the automobile to have a smooth and dull appearance, keep in mind that you still have to sand the clear coat with 1500 and 2000 grit sand paper, so it does not need to be ideal at this stage of the game, just make sure that you have sanded the complete surface of the automobile just before you move on to the next stage.

Now let’s get the buffer out and set the speed to about 800 rpm or medium speed on the speed selector, this may appear a bit slow, but you have less of a chance of burning the paint job with it set at a lower speed, and you can use water to help cool the paint as you buff the auto if you want to, you are going to be beginning with a heavy buffing compound and functioning all the way down to a swirl remover, yet another lengthy procedure.

The first step soon after you pull the vehicle out of the paint booth must be to unmask it, and then I recommend re-masking the car with clean masking paper, but you do not truly require to do this if you don’t want to, cleaning the buffing compound off of the automobile will be a lot tougher if you don’t mask it again, it just type of depends on had been you want to spend your time, in my opinion it ought to often be paint

Now that the cutting or colour sanding approach is total on your vehicle, you’ll want to wash all the wet sanding residue from the auto, wet sanding will leave a with powder type residue on the automobile, and you don’t want to place the buffer to this residue, so make positive that you wash the complete automobile again ahead of you get began with the buffer.