Cambridge Remapping

ecu remappingWhen a manufacturer develops a new automobile they have to take into consideration all of the conditions it could be subjected to in all of the regions in which they intend to sell this model. On completion of our ECU Remapping Coaching Course, students will acquire an understanding of the following subjects. You will need to develop up kit of car diagnostic tools and then attempt to recognize how every 1 of them applies to your driving encounter. On your automobile, van or truck you have an on-board personal computer which is referred to as an ECU (Engine handle unit).ecu remapping

You could even do a remap yourself as you can now acquire plug-in kits that come with the software program upgrade already installed. I would say its far much more most likely to be the maf than the ecu to be honest but of course I cannot say for particular. Employing some of the most seasoned and talented individuals in the industry, combined with an enthusiastic and skilled national dealer team, Quantum are a single of the top Remapping and Chiptuning companies in the UK. Connecting our remapping equipment to the OBD port on a vehicle permits us to connect directly to the ECU and the map situated inside. The skilled tuning remedy we give ECU remaps for Power & economy Tuning.

For much more data on remapping, please visit our FAQ’s web page and for ECU remapping services, get in touch with us today, we are primarily based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK. We also supply overall performance and economy tuning boxes. Due to the fact ECU remapping has access to all of the engine controls it spreads the energy evenly and has no unfavorable effect on the engine. Remapping cars with Monster is a lot far more potent, the spots and turbo lag are eliminated, the new torque range is like gaining an added gear, and you must obtain a pleasant surprise when you go to the pumps.

Utilizing the data from these sensors your ECU can then add the right quantity of fuel, at just the appropriate time to supply a great mix of fuel economy, functionality and emission handle when pulling away, overtaking, pottering down the road or zooming down the motorway. We know – we have more than thirty years’ of ECU chipping experience enhancing the performance of turbocharged engines. Please be aware that, although remapping/chipping an ECU does not trigger failure it can exasperate currently failing components. After a extended wait we are finally capable to provide remapping for the latest BMF Fxx Series car models from year 2011.

Our ECU upgrades are bespoke and tailored to the buyers specifications, for instance if you have engine modifications such as bigger intercooler, upgraded turbo and so forth we take this into account and tailor the ECU to suit. Our tuner then programs the new optimised file into your vehicle’s ECU and you then have the opportunity to encounter the impressive outcomes.