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ecu remappingAll modern automobiles and vans on the road these days have an ECU (ENGINE Manage UNIT). The ECU can be believed of as the car’s ‘brain’, as it offers guidelines to the other parts inside the vehicle. This implies feeding the ECU inaccurate data about fuel pressure and telling the ECU that the fuel pressure is decrease than it is – so the ECU forces the engine to increase the fuel pressure to compensate, boosting engine performance.

The technician performing your car remapping will then upload the original map to our map writing team who will adjust the parameters to maximise the performance, fuel economy or a clever blend of each. Our technicians at MPC are skilled ECU re-mappers, and this is one thing we can do quickly for you although you wait at our Basingstoke service station. Ford Mondeo – Diesel ECU Remapping – This is how my automobile Must always have been! We offer a lifetime warranty against application faults and we even hold your original file in case it is ever required.

A chipping organization can reprogramme the car’s ECU to adjust how it controls the engine and can also eliminate any limits placed on it. This used to be carried out by plugging a microchip with new computer software into your car’s circuit board, but these days, application can be installed employing a laptop connected to its diagnostic port. Most of our remapping can be performed by connecting our gear to the On Board Diagnostics port (OBD) on your vehicle. An improperly tuned chip or ECU can negatively impact functionality and drivability, and can even tension the automobile into an early breakdown. Bespoke automobile engine remapping can be installed on each petrol and diesel automobiles.ecu remapping

Functionality is compromised at the cost of economy with these sort of maps, but this is some thing some individuals, cab drivers for example, are happy because they do not care about performance and just want much more MPG. An sincere ECU remapping company will do a diagnostic verify on your vehicle to be sure there are no attainable concerns that could trigger a dilemma for ECU remapping to take location. If you send your ECU to us, a turnaround of about 3 days (which includes freight time) would be normal.

Our tune boxes adjust fuel and turbo stress as a result giving much better manage more than other brands nonetheless no tune box can adjust the factory ECU in the identical way a re-map can. And if you’ve already produced changes to the automobile that have an effect on the combustion technique, such as engine, intake, or exhaust modifications, it is a great idea to remap the ECU to account for the modifications.