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Adjustable ShocksShocks, or shock absorbers, are the element of the suspension technique in a vehicle that absorb the force of bumps so that the body of the vehicle doesn’t maintain bouncing on the suspension for a extended time soon after the vehicle goes over a bump. Moreover, since most aftermarket suspension packages involve lowering ride heights and stiffening spring rates, getting an adjustable shock with adjusted damping levels is important in optimizing the redefined dynamic response of the OE suspension for security, ride top quality, and performance. Penske Racing Shocks is proud to have victories at the Chili Bowl and the Knoxville Nationals. Then, from this mid-variety setting you can just ‘up’ or ‘down’ the shocks according to your needs.

At some point in our early education of suspension systems, we’ve all crawled under a vehicle and seen the shocks mounted above and under the axle centerline or at angles or other non-classic layouts, and wondered what the reason or the secret is. But the secret really is simply in the packaging of the suspension. Penske Shocks also produces a high high quality strut option for Pro Mod, Pro Stock, and Prime Sportsman chassis. The Bilstein brand of shocks get it proper with their gas-charged shocks and they supply extended-term performance.

Outdoors of the expert classes where cash exists and thousandths of a second count, every single of the makers we discussed this topic with have been insistent that electronic shocks are simply overkill for sportsman, massive money, and weekend warrior bracket racers. As described above, shocks carrying a greater price tag bring with them improved high quality of components and better tolerances, and although possibly sharing some of the technologies of the lower end components, frequently have higher-finish pistons and custom valving to a customers’ specifications. Adjustable shocks enable for modifications in the shock to compliment a certain combination and further adjust based on track circumstances. Penske Shocks is also the only shock manufacturer that attends each Grand-Am and ALMS events. RS9000, RS9000X or RS9000XL shocks have a modest ride-adjustment knob fitted to their base.Adjustable Shocks

Intense track situation and harsh jump landings are practically eliminated with the use of our custom-built rear shocks, upgraded piston kits for stock rear shocks and personalized fork services. Penske Racing Shocks has been a major supplier to racers and track enthusiasts for a lot of years offering a wide variety of off the shelf applications and comprehensive custom designs for all types of motorcycle riding. Since then, we have turn out to be a major supplier of shocks and struts in a variety of series and help technicians are available at all NHRA events. Electronic shocks represent the higher-end of shock absorbers for drag racing and are commonly utilised in Pro Stock race cars. Penske Racing Shocks is proud to have several championships in all series, and several Rolex 24hr, 12hr of Sebring, and Le Mans 24hr victories.

SD Trucks Springs was established in 1971 and has been a family members owned and operated business considering that day 1. At 1 time, it was common to see vehicles with the shocks mounted in front of the axle for space cause, but as race automobiles have become narrower and tires have become wider, they’re almost constantly identified behind the axle today. Since our debut, Penske Shocks now holds many track records in Pro Mod, Pro Stock, and Pro Stock Motorcycle.Adjustable Shocks