5 Great Leather Clothing Items for the Ladies

Leather is one of the best materials in the world, especially when it’s used to build a great wardrobe. If you love the look, feel and smell of brand-new leather, these are the clothes and accessories for you.

1. Ladies Fringe Vest

This fringed leather vest is like something out of the Wild West. The front looks like an everyday biking item, but the back explodes into fringe that will catch on the wind with every mile. You’ll definitely feel it as you ride your motorcycle down the open highway.

2. 129 Vented Leather Jacket

This bomber jacket is perfect for ladies who like to combine fashion and function. Not only does it offer a removable liner that will keep you from being too hot or cold, but it’s also gorgeous from every angle. It’s the kind of jacket that people will lavishly compliment as they beg to know where you got it.

3. Ladies Alexis Low Waist Pants

Every woman needs at least one pair of leather pants, and these low-waist trousers were designed to sculpt to your body. They even come with unfinished cuffs so that you can have them tailored to fit your exact height.

4. Ladies Double Zipped Boot

These boots are made for walking. In addition to their waterproof leather exterior, they’re also fashioned with a non-slip tread that offers plenty of traction. You’ll look great as you stomp to your destination, and more importantly, you won’t trip.

5. Ladies Arcadia Jacket

With an asymmetrical zipper and a snap-down collar, this leather jacket will turn you into the talk of the town. It has enough attitude to make people think twice about messing with you, but at the same time, it also comes with luxury features that will keep you comfortable.

If you’re a woman who likes to live on the edge, these are just a few ways to bring some leather into your wardrobe. Whether you’re looking into ladies motorcycle clothing or party pants that you have to peel off, you’ll want to find something that suits your signature style!